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MakeMagick Tyler

Owner of Realm:RPG
Owner of Realm:RPG
After creating my quitting thread upon the DragonScape forums, I received this comment;

Dragonking wrote:wow i can see u really care now the only reason i stoped caring when people say "i quit" and shit is because they come back within a week... i wish everyone could read this u really care and that is what i really want from people to care sorry about the dark bb thing it is because of people adverting... but really thanks for careing and im going to talk to u in private about something ok?

As you can see, this was posted by none other than Dragonking.

The section I have underlined shows Dragonking stating he is to contact me in private. I later recieved an E-Mail from Patrick, which I will not Copy and Paste for privacy where Patrick is concerned.

In whole, Dragonking said that he really liked my attitude towards the Community, that he knew some of the Mods+ didn't prove their worth, and that he wanted to give me a chance to be Moderator.

Of course, being a Moderator would mean I would have to be active. After just posting an epicly long thread stating the issues with DragonScape and goodbyes to friends, showing up more active than ever only a few hours later would be ridiculous. I have told Pat that I will tell him my final answer before Sunday.

Any ideas?

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I say yes, Come back if ur freinds dont actcpt it well they not ur real freinds i say u would be a great mod and i hope tht i could some time i may be able to join u in tht same possition =P


While i would love for you to come back, i would say wait a while, because if you were to come back literally the next day after JUST leaving, you would become the center of harrassment, as it would seem u pretended to quit just so you could become a mod, so gratz on it, but i would say wait a while, i'm sure dk would understand, I just warn you on this because it would be a shame to have you flamed out of ds


Comebak as soon as posible blame it on me so i get all the stick i dont really care if people think tht well tht stupid so wat if they quit and came bak so wat?
My advise is to come back and iim sure everyone will be happy for u 2 be bak lol and if they not well they goin to hav to deal with the dragonscape mafia lol.
Well hope to see u soon sunny out..........


well here is the thing, it won't matter who takes blame, alot of people will be pissed about it, no matter how much he deserved

MakeMagick Tyler

Owner of Realm:RPG
Owner of Realm:RPG
OK, so here's what I've done.

I have sent Patrick an E-Mail saying that I will ACCEPT his Moderator offer! I have asked for as soon as I am Moderator, for him to create an Announcement saying exactly why I've returned; as I figured, what Pat says, goes! I have told him my reason for returning as a Moderator was because he offered. Nah, jokes! I'm not that shallow. The reason is because I've come to terms that I can't sit back and tell people to change. People don't change themselves, people change people. And so as a Moderator, this is what I plan on doing. I will try to reserve the first post of his thread so as I can add to it.

I will not be blaming anyone, especially Sunny Razz

I understand people will still be nasty, but I doubt that they'd last long now that I've seen how many people actually want me here. And I can mute, of course Razz

Thanks for all your support and advice.


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