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The Smite of Nyssalan [skullcandy]

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1 The Smite of Nyssalan [skullcandy] on Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:06 am


The once glorious land of Nyssalan is under great threat as the Luciferian comet soars it’s skies. During the flight of the comet, a gateway is open to the ethereal plane, where all the most powerful deities are banished to. The most infamous of all demons, Sallakar is worshipped by many demons and those whom they have corrupted. During the passing of the comet, the spilling of Royal blood upon the Ethereal Altar will completely tear the barrier within the gateway, allowing Sallakar to once again tread foot upon Nyssalan grounds.
But not all hope is lost, as the citizens of Nyssalan plan on fighting back against the forces of Sallakar, aiming to prevent the act known as “The Crossing” before it has even begun.
A new breed is emerging from the past of Nyssalan. Calling themselves The Fallen, these warriors are thousands of years old, and though they show no allegiance to the newly crowned King Azeron, they remain loyal to the land which they have protected for many millennia, praying that one day there will be no evil left in Nyssalan, and that their souls may finally rest.

So for whom shall you fight for? Will you raise your sword as a Rebel, in honour to the great King Azeron? Will you enroll within the heavenly winged creatures as one of the Fallen? Or maybe you will join the dark side, where your soul shall be twisted by Sallakar’s devious ways.

Pledge your allegiance upon one of the three armies, and prepare for the battle of a life time within this corrupted world of chaos.

The land itself is compiled of two sections, separated by a huge crater hundreds of miles deep. The East side of the crater is Azerok, the land run by King Azeron and the Rebels. The West side is Demizu, the plane dominated by Sallakar’s minions. Azerok is mainly forest area, and has many magnificently designed buildings, although most are in ruins or under reconstruction due to Sallakar’s last attack. Demizu is mostly pestilent swamps or hard rock. It is rumoured that the Fallen dwell within the mists at the bottom of the crater.


Choose your army;

The Rebels - Mighty, armoured warriors fighting for King Azeron to restore Nyssalan’s former glory.

The Fallen - Heavenly humanoids bearing gargantuan wings, with powers almost alike that of a God, fighting to ensure their home is safe. [Limited places]

The Horde - A twisted mass of demons and humans alike whom plan on restoring Sallakar to his full body, believing that the great Demon Lord will perhaps grant them all their desires.

Choose your race;

Rebel: Human, Elf, Druid/Dryad, Dracon (Half-dragon).
Fallen: The Fallen.
Horde: Human, Demon, Elf, Dracon (Half-dragon).

Now for the main character generation. You must state the decisions made above within this form, along with the usual appearance, personality etc.

Character name:
Short History:

You may start your quest, to overthrow the oposition and claim league over the opositions land.

My Players.

Character name:
The Fallen
6 foot, short brown hair, white skined, with two draconic wings, he wears red armour with white thorns of a dragon and has a soul partner of a white dragons whos crystal scales earned it, its name 'starscale'

Short History:
although the youngest of his kind, par Aryian, by hundreds of years, his lineage gives him the ability of knowing everything his predessors knew, giveing the kings and queens the ability of wisdom from birth, his constant disputes with the elders, a very powerful group of thoasand old Fallen, has split the city of Aderna and is at the brink of civil war, even though the Fallen are a self proclaimed peaceful race. he is in dire help to get his people on his side to join the war and stop Sallakar from taking over Nyssalan, however the elders believe that the gods will solve the problem, and as a peaceful race they should not step in or fear breaking their twenty thoasand year old pact of peace!

Character name:
The Fallen
5 foot 7 inches, long brunette hair, white skined, with two draconic wings, she wears white body armour with white clothing.

Short History:
Born on the same day as Azeron, both were the only Fallen to be born with draconic wings, their similairies have entwinded their fate. she was born of a high priestess of the moon goddess elluna, she was brought up hand in hand with Azeron. her capibility of seeing the future has made her very popular in the fallen ranks, but she hides a dark secret, a dark power that holds both a blessing and a curse from the moon goddess herself. when in the presence of dark power, her mind transforms leaving behind the lod Aryian and is overcome by a suppressed demi-god, when her power becomes uncontrollable and unstopable, with this power she sees herself as the only person who will be able to stop Skullar before he becomes to powerful!

please start...

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2 Re: The Smite of Nyssalan [skullcandy] on Tue Apr 14, 2009 5:17 am

MakeMagick Tyler

Owner of Realm:RPG
Owner of Realm:RPG
I will be registering two characters to the game.

Character One;

Character name: Sallakar
Gender: Male
Age: 714
Allegiance: The Horde
Race: Demi-God
Short History: Sallakar is probably the most feared deity in existence. With his malicsous skeletal head bearing his menacing, empty sockets and his 7.8ft frame, Sallakar is definitely a major threat to life in Nyssalan. Capable of moulding shadows into destructive energy, Sallakar can bring down even the mightiest of warriors with just one shot. His origin is enirely unknown, although legend has it he was spawned by the God of Death, Lucifer, in order to kill two arguing Gods. Being as Sallakar survived to this day, it is rumoured he succeeded. In the 2nd Age, Sallakar led an army of undead and Demons into Azerok. He devastated the majority of the peninsular, his undead minions easily outnumbering any of Azeron's armies, thanks to Sallakar's skilled necromancy. Sallakar's main source of power is his staff. According to folklore, the staff was crafted before the 1st Age by the creatures now known as the Fallen. Along with umbramancy and necromancy, Sallakar is able to teleport, read minds and manipulate the nightmares of any whom he pleeds.

Character Two;

Character name: Delak Malorin
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Allegiance: The Horde
Race: Human
Appearance: About 6ft high, long grey robes, black hair and a black curly beard.
Short History: As advisor the the King Azeron, Delak is widely viewed to be in leauge with the Rebels, even by the Kinng himself. The reality is that Delak is an undercover agent for the Horde, and is Sallakar's most trusted general. Azeron trusts Delak deeply, and with his sneakly ways Delak can easily persuade Azeron to fall right into any trap laid by the Horde.

The reason I have registered two characters is because for the first part of the story Sallakar will be no more than just a shadow.

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